Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 1st Award

I got this award from Kelly, of Angel's Designz on May 18th. Thank you so much hun, its so special coming to me on the day my MIL passed away! I have to pass this on to these 10 blogs:

Ozark Mountain Bliss
Sweet Occasion Designs
Artistic Dreams
Sweet Mary
Sharon Becker's Creations
Wench Designs
Scraps By Rags
Humbug Graphics
Cancermoon Creations
Bluebird's Blog

I would like to thank everyone for all the support & kind words that I have received through emails over the past few days. My mother in law is like my own mom to me and it has been sooo hard for all of us. No matter how much you are expecting these things to happen, it doesn't make things any easier when it does happen. She was our angel on earth and now she's our angel in Heaven!


  1. Congrats Amanda on your award! And thanks so much for passing this on to the rest of us!

    And again, so sorry to hear about your MIL. No, it's never easy, even when we know it's coming.It's always hard to say goodbye to a loved one.

  2. so sorry about your lost sweetie

    thank you so much for the award
    sweet mary