Thursday, May 20, 2010

New In Stores & An update on me

Been a while since I posted or designed for that matter. Have had so much going on unfortunately! I have made the time to design a few newbies for the stores. You can find them at DDBA, Fairy Dreams, and Scrappetizing...they will be in the other stores soon as soon as I can get a breather to get them uploaded and put in the stores.

Update on school...all is going good. I got a B+ in my Design class (A bit bummed there, as I have A's in all the other, but it's all good,) That class was a bit tougher. I'm taking math now...yay. My fav subject in school, but boy have I got a lot of refreshing to do since I was in college before.

Wish me luck...I'm aiming for that A here too! :-) Kinda ready for my 3 week break after this class before my summer classes start.

Here's a preview of the newest designs.

Sunglasses Script is interactive and you choose colors, gradients or patterns throughout. Plugina are required: EC5 Impact Glass & Bevel.

My newest kit, Summer Bliss is available in both Full Size at 300 dpi & Tagger Size at 72 dpi.

Until next time! =)

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