Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Candy Cake Sets Released & Some Misc Freebies For You!

Here's a display of the new candy cake kits now available in the store.

Each kit includes 6 cake circles, number mini's 0-9, uppercase & lowercase alphabet mini's.

I am adding a few freebies to this post as well. I just recently cleaned up the store a bit and removed the freebies from it, figured I would just start posting all freebies here. Some of these are from the store and some are new! Please leave a comment if you snag, it takes time to make these and I am offering them to you for FREE! :-) Just right click & save to get the original size!
First is a gorgeous standard hershey's bar wrapper that I made with my flamingo pink skrap kit. I am sooo pleased with how it turned out! You can find the skrap kit here.

And here is a teddy bear I made while playing with a script, he would actually be an addition to the Shades Of Purple skrap kit that is available in the store. Hope someone can make some use of him, figured he could use a home instead of just sitting in my many Be sure to give credit to me when using any of my designs in commercial products!

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